Welcome to Kasarani Technical and Vocational College.

Education happens both inside and outside the classroom and a successful college career includes a balance of academic, social, civic, personal growth and development. At KTVC, the office of the Dean helps students strike that balance. The Deans office is dedicated to helping you invest in your own success by engaging in meaningful, educational, and enjoyable experiences that will last a lifetime.

It also coordinates all clubs and societies in the College that operate and carry out activities authorized and consented by College management. We ensure religious societies are able to meet and worship freely in places allocated to them.


It is through this office that the student Council is formed. The office ensures that KTSA members are given an opportunity to elect their representatives in a free, fair and transparent elections.

The office of the Dean has an obligation to assist the students in need to obtain grants, including HELB, CDF and any other scholarships available. Since we are concerned with the welfare of students, the majority of students who may experience certain difficulties at one time or another can be listened to and solutions sought and handled amicably.

The office of the Dean has a mission to explore, work and learn together to make a difference. We therefore, endeavor to keep the students stress free and motivated as much as possible. Welcome to Kasarani Technical and Vocational College.