Mrs Josephine Begi

The world of work is continuously evolving and therefore it is critical that Technical and vocational colleges ensure that the training programmes offered are relevant and standard. At Kasarani Technical and Vocational College we are committed to effective implementation of the CBET curriculum. However, this calls for lobbying for more funding given that the technical courses offered are capital intensive and realize high technology, equipments and skilled trainers.

In line with the above, the office of the Deputy Principal Administration is responsible to the principal for the supervision of teaching staff and other institution employees, in the proper discharge of tuition programmes, with a focus on the trainer’s skills development and capabilities. We are also committed to design and implement flexible and short courses where trainees can be supported to work even as they undergo training.


We are committed to ensure that our trainees receive hands on practical sessions. The office is responsible to the principal for guidance and counselling of trainers and trainees as well as ensuring that proper discipline is maintained in the institution for effective discharge of our core mandate. The office also ensures that examinations and assessments are carried out and that proper scheduling of institutional programmes are done.

The CBET approach requires adequacy in physical infrastructure, modern equipments and trained personnel. In this the Office of the Deputy Principal Administration is in charge of stores requisitions and maintenance of proper inventory records for effective delivery of services to the trainers and trainees.

Kasarani Technical and Vocational College is the place to be. Feel free to interact with us.

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