Kasarani Technical and Vocational College is a newly established higher learning Institution in Nairobi County; Kenya, having started operations in 2018. Ever since, the College is tremendously growing in terms of its academic programs for students from all over the Country. The College mainly produces middle level talents who are well equipped with the technical and business skills required in industry.

The College offers training that is hands-on and is in the fore front in creating employers rather than employees. This can be achieved through the Competency Based Education and Training (CBET), whose curriculum the College will roll out beginning January 2020. The courses on offer are in line with the National Government’s Big 4 Agenda.

The Registrar’s Office is critical to the vitality of the academic programs and the success of students. The office of the Registrar is tasked with ensuring the integrity of student records, interpreting and enforcing academic policies, and providing outstanding student services. The office also handles student admissions; collaborates with the Deputy Principal’s office in curriculum implementation; collaborates with the Exams office by ratifying examinations; organizes academic fairs and coordinates research and innovation initiatives. The Registrar’s office completes these responsibilities while adapting to ever-changing technologies and increasing service expectations from students, parents, and stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

The front office staff continues to play significant role in ensuring that our services remain outstanding. One of our little-known roles is the improvement of customer service delivered to internal and external stakeholders. We collate information gathered from the Public Complaints Committee and channel them to the right departments for action.

During the year 2020, the office of the Registrar plans to implement a more efficient registration procedure through which it intends to create a remarkable order in the registration process. We wish to thank the administration for the continued support and guidance towards improvement in service delivery.

Our operations within the Registry are driven by Integrity, Accountability, Equity, Quality, Innovation and Creativity, which are the Institution’s Core values.
These values have put us on the Kenyan map and have given us the vision of emulating and surpassing like-minded Institutions across the Kenya and we intend to offer the best services to our clients to achieve this. I would like my office to contribute to efficient customer service by delivering excellent, efficient and exciting customer experiences.
To achieve this, we plan to increase the Institution’s visibility and improve customer service by reducing complaints and offering timely and effective services. This should translate into increased enrollment because of our stellar reputation, promoted through various platforms, especially a vibrant and interactive website.

Kasarani Technical and Vocational College is committed to providing affordable, sustainable and quality training by ensuring that services are not only effective and efficient but also meet customer needs and expectations.

The Institution has a culture of diligence that creates a dedicated staff and hardworking students, with a special focus on two-way feedback systems. We have put in place mechanisms which enable students and staff to interact with each other freely. The vibrant guidance and counseling section in collaboration with the Dean’s office continues to assist students and staff who may be having problems of different nature. This approach ensures that we nurture our students and staff into accomplished and disciplined members of the society.

Collaboration is a key aspect in our strategic plan and is important for us as we seek partnerships with stakeholders who share our vision. The Institution is in the process of establishing strong working relation with the private sectors; latest being Linking Industry with Academia (LIWA), a move that will enable our students to get opportunities of joining the industry after graduating. We also plan to seek support from partners in the research and development areas of consultancy, planning, teaching and basic research.

Ours is the College of choice and the place to be; I invite you to engage with us.

Welcome to Kasarani Technical and Vocational College.
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