Madam. Mary Atieno

Kasarani Technical and Vocational College is a middle level college training. It opened its doors in September 2018 , it has experienced tremendous growth in various fields of technical training. Students are enrolled into the various artisan, craft and diploma courses offered in the 8 departments. That is:

  1. Electrical and Electronics.
  2. Information Communication technology.
  3. Agriculture and value addition.
  4. Mechanical and Automotive engineering.
  5. Building and Civil engineering.
  6. Business Studies.
  7. Institutional management.
  8. Welding and fabrication.

As our country Kenya embraces her vision of becoming a middle-income economy by the year 2030, our institute is committed to play a significant role in provision of competent skills ready to meet the needs of the country’s growth and development.

The government through the State department of Technical Training has played a significant role in the growth of KTVC through the provision of financial infrastructure and human resource. Currently the institute has 43 trainers employed by the government. The institute has employed BOM/part time trainers, support staff and outsourced services from other firms like security services.

The institute has experienced tremendous growth in the student population. Currently we have 1010 trainees. This can be attributed to the overwhelming support that we have continued to enjoy through our stakeholders especially government through KUCCPS, parents, trainers and local community.

Since we are equipped with some of the most modern equipment, I wish to welcome you all to feel confident while engaging with us for training.

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