Mr David Ogalo

Performance Contracting (PC) is a vital department in ensuring proper management and cost effectiveness in delivery of quality services. As a Centre of excellence for the provision of Competency Based Education and Training, the PC framework provides the College with an enabling environment for continuous performance improvement to meet the needs and expectations of the Kenyan people in general and its clients in particular. The department is organized into various committees chosen among the members of staff based on the negotiated performance criteria. This participation by all staff members not only helps the
College achieve inclusion but also allows for leadership development and the promotion of national cohesion and integration among the College staff.
The department serves as a watchdog for the College Administration by ensuring that the negotiated contact is fully implemented. Furthermore, the department also provides a platform for engagement between the College and various government specialized agencies as well as other key sectoral players, which are instrumental in ensuring that the College meets its National and Global mandate.

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